We only have one planet, and we all want to do our best to preserve it – I mean, I’ve killed enough house plants in my time to feel pretty guilty about it – so we’re working hard to make sure that our products are not only fun, but don’t harm the planet. If everyone makes small changes it can make one heck of a difference.

We’ve moved all of our A6 greeting cards over to a 100% recycled silk card stock and all our greeting cards come with a 100% recycled Kraft envelope.  At the checkout you can also choose whether or not your greeting card comes in a cello sleeve (which is home compostable) or if you want that card to arrive ‘naked’ so to speak. We also print all our cards right here in Australia.

There are a small range of our cards, such as the A4 Jumbo Cards that uses an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Mix Certified paper which ensures that all virgin pulp is derived from well-managed forests and controlled sources. It contains elemental chlorine free bleached pulp and is manufactured by an ISO 14001 certified mill. These are also printed right here in Adelaide, Australia.

In addition to this, we use wooden offcuts where possible in signage (and we work hard with MS Custom Wood who uses recycled timber in his products) to achieve this, we’ve created more of a hire inventory so that our products can be loved and re-loved and choosing more sustainable products where possible – for example, our ‘Bride’ denim jacket is a H&M Conscious brand which is made from 20% recycled fibres from post-consumer textile waste from collected garments. We also recycle all our acrylic offcuts directly with our supplier.

We hope that these changes can help make an overall contribution to supporting our planet.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions which may help us with our mission to be more sustainable, we’d love to hear from you – and don’t worry, all our house plants are currently alive and well.