Hey Nutmeg, What’s the story?

Hi there! Welcome! 

You’ll notice I do a couple of things around here, greeting cards, sassy quote cards, silicone bead jewellery, custom hand lettered pieces etc. – I kinda get excited and just love bringing you guys ALL THE THINGS, so I just couldn’t stop at one type of product.   

You’ll also notice I don’t take the whole ‘sentimental’ thing too seriously. Want a sappy card full of lovey dovey BS – that’s great, but perhaps try Hallmark. But if you’re looking for a greeting card that says the things you’re really thinking, then I might just have the one for you.   

Want a wedding chalkboard that says “I love you more than Nando’s” – Hells yes, I can do that too! – And yes, that’s an actual board I got to do and I loved every minute of it – both myself and the couple are still waiting on our free Nando’s for life though – cough cough Nando’s, cough cough.  

Take a look around and let me know if there’s anything I can help you out with!