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I love using my creativity to help people express themselves through a variety of products.   

Want a wedding sign that says “I love you more than Nando’s” – Hells yes, I can do that for you! 

Want a doormat that says ‘I hope you brought wine’ (cos’ really, it’s a bit rude if you didn’t) then I’ve got you covered there as well.

You’ll also notice I don’t take the whole ‘sentimental’ thing too seriously. Want a sappy card full of lovey dovey BS – that’s great, but perhaps try Hallmark. But if you’re looking for a greeting card that says ‘I miss you more than an idiot misses the point’ then I might just have the card for you.  

Click on the line below to be taken straight to the online store, or have a browse through the website. And of course, if you have any questions, hit me up!

Nutmeg Creative Owner, Kirstyn standing with handprinted doormats in her studio

Photo: Kirstyn from Nutmeg Creative in the Studio with a Doormat that she is painting in front of her on the table.


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