Nutmeg, An introduction

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the interwebs. Let me take a quick moment to introduce myself, I’m Nutmeg (well kinda, it’s obvs not my legal name) and I’m from Adelaide, Australia. I’ve started this little website as a bit of a hobby to show you my crafty bits and bobs and maybe even to bring to you some freebies. Do I hear you say, free pro-create brushes?! (Coming soon).

I’m passionate about all things crafty & design and I often get carried away taking on more and more new projects. I’m kind of like a magpie who likes to collect shiny things, except my shiny things are new craft supplies. I hand letter with brush pens, actual brushes, chalk and digitally on the iPad with Pro-create, I also make digital creations for things like weddings, greeting cards and what not. For something different I’ve recently tried my hand at Polymer Clay beads to make Necklaces, Keyrings and other fun things and I also just given font making a crack! (I told you I like shiny things, this time font making was my shiny thing).

In between all this I also work full time…well actually I guess it’s the other way around – I do the craft stuff around the full time work. But I’ve constantly got crafty stuff buzzing around my brain day or night.

If you’re looking for a custom piece, like a quote for chalk lettering for an upcoming wedding or event, a gift for a special someone (yes, you are special too, so treat yo self!), a greeting card, a wedding invitation, phone background you name it, hit me up via the contact page. Even if you’re not looking for a custom work and just want to say hi, I’d still love to hear from you.

Before I go, make sure you check out my Instagram @nutmeg_creative. If you’ve got a special quote, saying or word you want to see posted let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.

So there you go, that’s me in the nutshell (Help! I’m in a nutshell! Sorry, I had to).

Love always, Nutmeg